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Greg in Golden, Colorado.
I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth....and touched the face of God.

Who's web site is this?

I'm Greg Kane, MD, an internist, medical malpractice consultant, and medical expert witness broker in metro Denver, Colorado.

At my day job I get calls from defense attorneys looking for a doctor to counter SFST evidence, usually a neurologist to explain nystagmus. Too often these cases involve drivers who failed an SFST, had a BAC of zero, and are now charged with driving while intoxicated by, say, a therapeutic level of some benign medicine prescribed by their own doctor. The government's reasoning: They failed an SFST, they must have been impaired.

The government's reasoning is junk science.

Because we doctors are trained in the mathematics of the meaning of imprecise physical tests, I happen to know how the scientific SFST's results are correctly interpreted scientifically—and it ain't how the NHTSA and the DUI bar do it. On account of which: SFST.US.


If you're a med-mal attorney, visit me at medmalEXPERTS.com

Spilling and punctuation correction's to: DAM (at) SFST.US